Are you expecting your own little bundle of joy or going to take photos of a pregnant woman? You will definitely need some maternity photography tips for the best. From the way you should prepare for the session to how your model should dress. The location to use and what the lightning should look like. There are several things you need to consider for the perfect maternity shoot.

Therefore, in this post, we have highlighted some useful tips to help you save sweet memories for the whole life.

Maternity Photography Tips You Should Know

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#1: Choose the Best Camera Lenses

Generally, the 50mm lens seems to be the most commonly used lenses for maternity photography. This, in part, is due to the wide versatility to capture different angles as well as taking care of composition and lighting.

Although this is not a rule of thumb for a maternity photography session, if you are using a wide-angle lens, you have to take extra care so that you don’t make your expectant client look unduly large. Other lenses that can give you an amazing and seamless shot during a maternity photography session include 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm.

#2: Your Camera Settings is Important

In other forms of photography like newborn photography, the focus is the baby. But in maternity photography, the focus is usually the mother-to-be and her baby bump. But in situations where the father-to-be and other siblings are part of the shooting session, ensure that you close up with care so that you can capture all the people and aspects in focus proportionately.

#3: Advice Your Client on the Best Timing

In most cases, the best maternity photography sessions are usually taken between 33-36 weeks in the pregnancy. At this time, the baby is expected to be fully formed and the bump is almost due for delivery.

However, things might change a bit, and your client may want the maternity photo session to come earlier so that she doesn’t miss out on this unique time of her life. At such time, flexibility is expected, and professionalism will help you to capture every aspect and pose to the least details.

#4: Be Creative and Inspire Same in Your Client

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In maternity photography, it is your job to bring up useful and creative suggestions for the best photo session. Ones that your clients may have not even considered but will appreciate when informed.

So, you may suggest to your client to come along with some important objects. This could be a special portrait with the baby’s name or even the ultrasound photograph of her pregnancy.

Objects like these can add a unique sense of beauty and affection to your shooting session. You can also have some of such objects which you can personalize for each client.

#5: Be Creative about the Location for a Maternity Photography

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Well, when it comes to the best backdrop for a maternity session, the possibilities are endless. However, creativity and experience will help you to make the most of any location you or your client have chosen.

In most cases, some beautiful outdoor locals such as a wide-open field or a beach at the golden hour are usually scenic for a maternity session.

Similarly, you can also take advantage of some beautiful and natural landmarks around her home. However, you must be careful not to take her out of her comfort zone. Don’t also ask her to do things that may make her uncomfortable since she’s already late into her pregnancy.


Final Thoughts on Maternity Photography Tips

Maternity photography takes more than just an everyday photo session to get it right and on point.

Remember she may already be feeling awkward at this time. So, helping her with the right pose and some useful suggestions will go a long way to help you have a great session. That will also help you capture the best photos worth a lifetime of sweet and beautiful memories. At Wow Photo studios Miami we strive to make everything clean in this strange time. Be sure to check out our Maternity portfolio section of the site. Thank you.