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Pregnancy is a time of incredible and miraculous change. It can be a whirlwind of emotion, hormones and joy as you wait for the arrival of your blessed baby. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first or fourth baby, your pregnancy is genuinely unique. It is a beautiful time in your life that should be captured and remembered. A professional maternity shoot is an exciting way of documenting this important milestone in your life.

Your pregnancy is a magical time that should be treasured for years to come, so why not capture it with a pregnancy photoshoot? This is a critical time in your life, and what better way to remember it than with a series of beautiful images? For creative and memorable photos of your pregnancy contact Wow Studios in Miami, Florida. Our professional photographer will capture the beauty and elegance of your pregnancy, providing you with photographic memories you and your family will treasure forever.

What is Maternity Photography?

Maternity photography is a genre of photography where a professional photographer helps expectant women document their pregnancy with elegant and beautiful photos.

Pregnancy photography is a beautiful way for mothers to celebrate the baby they are about to meet, their love for their unborn child, and the strength of their incredible bodies. This type of photography gives women the chance to celebrate in anticipation of pregnancy. Maternity photography is a unique and creative process that is often akin to a fine art.

Maternity photography often involves members of the family, including the spouse and other children. This means that a pregnancy photographer can also be conducting a family portrait session that captures a unique time in the life of your growing family. Wow studios has the best maternity photographer in Miami.

Why are we the best choice in Miami?

Wow Studios Miami is a professional studio based in Miami, Florida. Your pregnancy is a special time that involves a roller coaster of emotions, fears and hopes. Our photographer understands how precious this time is and will work with you to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident. You will also feel confident in the photographer who is documenting this portrait in an essential time in your life.

We understand the need for flexibility in choosing a location in Miami that best speaks to you. We are state of the art, fully insured location with all the professional equipment needed to shoot and produce your memorable images.

Our Miami studio is often used for newborn photography, so hygiene is a priority for us. Our team already follows procedures that ensure a clean and hygienic environment that is ideal for expectant mothers and fathers and their families. We provide that you feel comfortable and reassured at all times during your photography session. Another thing to consider is that while you are pregnant, it is also an excellent time to speak to us about our newborn photo sessions.

With Wow Studios Miami, you will be able to work with us so we can craft unique photography sessions. We will produce images that you and your family will fall in love with.

When should Maternity Photos Be Taken?

It is essential to know when the right time is for your maternity photos to be taken. You can schedule a session ahead of time, and we can be well-prepared for the photoshoot, ensuring the best outcome. We recommend that you try and schedule your maternity photo session in your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. Your belly will have a lovely shape during this time frame, which is perfect for taking photographs.

We tell our clients to try to schedule your session when you’re around 30 weeks pregnant. If you take the photos after your eighth month of pregnancy, it might be uncomfortable. You want to avoid taking pictures when your belly feels too heavy, usually after 35 weeks as it might not be quite an enjoyable experience for you.

Where to Take Pregnancy Pictures

Our South Florida studio is the perfect location for any type of photography, or alternatively, you might prefer a real-life home situation. Our team of creatives will work with you to ensure that the photography session is in a location in Miami that suits your personality and the style of photography that you wish to have.

Our Miami photo sessions are always relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable. Every mother is unique, so every photo shoot needs to reflect this. Our Miami maternity session is crafted to embrace your personality and individual story. Our Miami maternity photos are all about capturing the character and mood of the subject in the best way possible.

The tone of the Miami photography session is entirely up to you. Your photography session will be a reflection of who you and your family are, not how we think you should look. Your pregnancy is unique, and we work with you to capture it correctly so you and your family will have amazing photos to remember it forever.

Our facility in South Florida is conveniently in Miami close to Midtown in the Wow area. Wow stands for West of Wynwood, with is one of the newest up and coming areas of Miami.

Pregnancy Photography Cost

We are known throughout Miami fl and South Florida as a photography studio that prioritizes delivering quality images over anything else.

Your maternity photography sessions will cost $199. This cost covers the cost of the studio or the location set up, all equipment, post-production and the time and talent of your photographer. This price does not include any of the images. Our image price list is available to you on request. Please review our updated image price list before booking.

And please be sure to consider our maternity newborn baby photography packages. You will not only reserve your spot ahead of time, but you will also receive a $50 discount on your newborn baby session. You will also receive additional discounts when purchasing images. This offer is also available with our custom packages such as family portraits. Please see our portfolio.

At Wow Studios Miami fl, we’ve got everything you need for the most beautiful and magical photoshoot. So contact us now to have your initial consultation with our photographer! Let’s make great memories together!


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