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Are you a proud mom who has recently welcomed a bundle of joy into the world? Are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a baby boy or girl? It is natural to assume that you are looking for the services of a newborn photographer.

The beauty of using a newborn photographer to capture those very special first weeks is that you will have an exquisitely styled series of images of your newborn. Photographs taken by a newborn photographer make beautiful gifts for grandparents and become timeless keepsakes that you will treasure forever.

As a new parent, you will realize that the first few weeks of your child’s life involves a whirlwind of change. One of the most prominent wishes of every parent is that they could freeze every moment, that you can cherish that unique time that is spent with a newborn. That is why a newborn photographer is important to make that wish possible.

If you are looking for a photographer for newborn who has a comfortable, professional and immaculately clean studio, then you need to look no further than Wow Studio in Miami, FL. Our Miami studio photographer has focused on babies photography for over a decade, and clients come back because of our exceptional photography services. Wow Studio has the facilities to ensure the safety and comfort of baby photo shoots. Along with state of the art equipment and professional photographers to help document the first few days of your kids life in a way that will have you wowed!

What Is Newborn Photography?

A Newborn photographer is a photographer that focuses on a genre of photography that involves creating beautiful and artistic images of your newborn baby. When you see eye-catching pictures of babies where they are creatively styled in captivating poses, that is the work of a newborn photographer.

Newborn photography is an art form itself. It involves a comfortable and relaxed photography session with a newborn photographer. Your newborn is kept comfortable at all times and is often carefully posed by the newborn photographer with the approval of the parents, on pillows and blankets. Ensuring the comfort and safety of your newborn at all times. Then your photographer will complete much of the styling in post-production. A newborn photographer will often work with composite images which involve using two or more photos, to create a memorable series of images. Composite images is a highly technical term in which the newborn photographer combines several images to create gorgeous poses that would otherwise be impossible.

Lifestyle newborn photography, on the other hand, aims to capture and document real-life events and milestones in an artistic manner. This is the type of photo session that often includes the rest of the family and results in beautiful family portraits. This is also referred to as family photography, and it can involve working with the photographer in a studio or conducting photography sessions in a real-life setting.

Whichever your preference, one sure thing is that Wow Photo Studios in Miami Fl can assist you in creating memorable images of your newborn.

Wow Photo Studios is the place for Baby Photography.

As any parent will tell you, the first weeks of your baby’s life are a total blur. That’s where we come in. Wow Photo Studios is a professional studio located in Miami, Fl offering a range of professional photography services including photoshoots for babies. When it comes to creating elegant and modern newborn portraiture, we have the best facilities and newborn photographer in Miami.

Your little one will be in the best hands with our safe and gentle posing and styling expertise. You will feel at complete ease with your photographer as they work on capturing milestone images of your little one. Whether you are first-time parents or grandparents, we are here to help guide you through the process.

At Wow Photo Studios, we take pride in our classic and artistic approach to newborn photography. Whether you are looking for family photography with a baby or exploring newborn photography ideas, Wow Photo Studios in Miami, South Florida is the best place to do a photoshoot for baby.

Is Newborn Photography Safe?

This genre of photography indeed requires a great deal of care because of the subject involved is your newborn baby. At all times, parents, are present throughout the photo shoot and your newborn baby’s safety is always prioritized during the photography sessions. At Wow Studio we have a team of professionals who have conducted hundreds of photo shoots with newborns and our main newborn photographer extensive experience of handling newborns. Viviana Arana is not only an experienced newborn photographer, but she is also the proud mother of two beautiful baby boys. At Wow Studio, we are passionate about ensuring that parents and newborns feel safe and comfortable and that the photo shoot experience itself is memorable and enjoyable. Our newborn photographer has extensive experience in the way that newborns should be safely carried as they are posed. Our newborn photographer encourages parents to also join in the shoot or assist in moving the child. This will help both the parents and the child feel comfortable and will ensure the safety of their newborn session.

Hygiene has always been a priority at Wow Studios. We are obsessed with the safety and cleanliness of our studio. We follow the strictest of hygiene practices in all areas of our business. Our newborn photographer is an exceedingly protective mother of two, and she treats every child as if it is her own. We have stringent hygiene guidelines for all our staff, and we ensure that all staff adhere to our guidelines. We also have an in-house washer and dryer to assist with maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

When Should Newborn Photos Be Taken?

The beauty of working with a newborn baby is that they sleep a lot and are capable of sleeping through almost anything. This rapidly changes after approximately three weeks, and it can be harder to pose a restless baby once they get a little older.

A newborn photographer generally recommends timing your newborn photography for around the age of seven to fifteen days. At this age, your newborn tends to be able to sleep through the photo shoot in addition to being quite easy to pose. This does become more difficult as they get older.

It is our recommendation that you book your Miami newborn photography session before you leave the hospital. To capture the most memorable newborn photography images requires that the baby is at the right age. Obviously, we can work with older children to create family lifestyle photography. However, newborn photography works best between 5 to 15 days of the baby’s birth.

How Much Does a Miami Newborn Photo Shoot Cost?

Newborn photography session pricing in our Miami studio start at $249. This is the sitting session fee and it  includes the newborn photographer assistant, three hours of studio time, cleaning fee, well as the time and talent of the newborn photographer.

The sitting fee does not include any prints or digital images. Please email us for our most current price list on prints and digital images.

And please be sure to consider our Miami maternity photography packages in combination with a newborn photography session. You will, not only, receive a $50 discount on your newborn baby session, but, you will also receive additional discounts when purchasing images. This offer is also available with our custom packages or family photography session. Please see our portfolio for other sessions available in Miami.

If you are looking for the most professional and creative Miami newborn photographer in Miami Florida, Wow Photo Studios is the place for you. We are 15 minutes from Coral Gables, and 20 minutes from Fort Lauderdale. As expected in Miami, our newborn photographers speak multiple languages. Call us now for a reservation!

At Wow Photo Studios Miami, Florida, we’ve got everything you need for the most beautiful and magical photoshoot. So contact us now to have your initial consultation with our newborn photographer! Let’s make great memories together!

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