Angle Blue

Half Day Rental $500 (4 hours)

2 Additional Hours (Free)

Cleanning Fee: 100

Studio rental : $600

Photographer fee: $600

Retouching: (10 photo's  included)

Additional photos: $150 ( 15 photos)

Balence: $1350

Depost: $200

Balance : $1150


We are looking forward to having you.

Please indicate the ETA.

Please have your photographer contact us to make sure we have everything he will need (Gear rental)

Be sure to check out our floor plan for the exact studio dimensions.

 Additional hours are charged at $80 (After 7 pm the extra hour is $120)

Cancellation policy

Deposit is 100% refundable if cancelled seven days before the production date.

Deposit is 50% refundable 48 hours before the production date.